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Christmas Carnations

Christmas Carnations

by Flower Experts Editor on December 18th

Carnations are one of the world's top ten most popular cut flowers. The blooms of the Carnation are treasured for their longevity, keeping it's form and the large selection of colours they are available in. For traders too, they have remarkable abilities for being able to travel without any noticeable harm to the flower and not to mention their amazing vase life.  All these attributes make it an ideal flower for all florists and also why they are still always very popular with consumers.

The carnation can be an integral part of any mixed bouquet, arrangement or funeral piece and customers love the floral fragrance they bring. The carnation has been recorded as grown for over 2,000 years in parts of Asia and all over Europe. It's name originates from "coronation" or neck garlands that were designed for all the large Greek official events at that time. As many flower botanical names originate in Greece this one too was named by master botonist Theophrastus who named it  "Dianthus" giving it the meaning "the flower of the gods." There are now over 300 different species of carnation, where mostly are perennials, blooming merrily in the full sunlight with a well drained soil and coming in all of the colours of the rainbow with the exception of  blue. Carnations are being sold throughout the year and more in demand now than ever.  Red Christmas Carnations are definitely our most popular.


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