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Flower Transport

by Dave Marshall on June 21st

If a bouquet is bought today, it is more than likely to consist of cut flowers and foliage grown around the world.

In the past, transport of flowers via aeroplane used to result in a reduction of the quality and vase life due to poor temperature control, water loss and airport delays. There is now careful temperature control throughout transportation as a new system has been developed which ensures that freshness is maintained.

The flowers are transported at an optimal low temperature with a high humidity of the air. If they are transported at a high temperature, the leaves can be found to turn yellow due to ethylene damage. Research has also shown that flowers transported by air from South America and Africa can use a lot less energy than those grown in heated glass houses based in Europe. Air transport is the quickest and also more convenient for longer journeys, for example, journeys over 20 hours, as the temperature can be controlled, but a lot more care has to be taken to ensure they arrive in the best condition.

Most flowers are cut and placed in a box before they are transported. All of the care taken throughout the flight ensures that the purchasers have a lot longer to enjoy the flowers.

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