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The Horticulture Climate In And Around Bogotá, Colombia

by Dave Marshall on January 28th

Colombia is a country whose climate varies between extremes of hot and cold – from the intense year round hot sun of the Caribbean Coast to the chill of the mountain towns. Somewhere between these two extremes lies the capital, Bogotá, with a steady temperature of around 55 degrees year round. Monthly maximum temperatures never vary far above or below 67 degrees, and monthly lows rarely vary much above or below 42 degrees. There are differences in rainfall, however, with the 'dry season' taking place from December to March, when there may be around six wet days a month; and the wettest times of year occuring in April and October, when there can be up to 14 days of rainfall. Snow is never a possibility at any time of year in Bogotá, and although temperatures can drop dramatically at night, they rarely fall far below 10 degrees.

The steady temperature has had a positive effect on horticulture in the city – and please, no jokes about Colombia's illegal export trade, we're talking innocent flowers here! It is a little known fact that Colombia is the second largest exporter of flowers in the world, behind the Netherlands, and there are some beautiful species, native to the country,that are blossoming in the stable temperatures of the Bogotá Valley. Whilst many flowers are bought and delivered locally, huge numbers are exported each year to Europe and the USA – in fact, Colombia produces over 60 per cent of all flowers sold in the USA each year. With beautiful flowers that thrive in the year round steady temperatures, Bogotá looks set to remain one of the world's greatest flower-growing regions for many years to come.

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