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Steady increase in Flower sales

by Dave Marshall on April 28th

The amount of cut flowers that people buy in the UK has gone up in recent years, largely because of supermarket sales. Many supermarkets now sell cut flowers and a growing number of people will pick them up along with the week's shopping. Not all of these flowers may actually come from the UK as a third of all UK flowers are imported from places like Colombia and Kenya. The price of cut flowers varies quite a bit throughout the year and they can be quite expensive at certain times, especially Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

One of the problems for UK florists is that the supermarkets often sell their flowers at a cheaper price. Supermarket sales have certainly contributed to the growth in the market because many people may not live near a florist, and so they pick up cut flowers with the weekly shop. Valentine's Day is actually the busiest period for flower sales in the UK, and many women like to receive roses at this time of year. There has also been a growth in the number of online flower sellers that deliver to all parts of the UK. The pound is a little weak at the moment so less cut flowers are being imported, which means the UK flower growers have seen a corresponding growth in their sales. With so much choice around, no wonder things are looking rosy for the flower buyer.

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