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Flower Buying (retail)

by Brian Nisbet on June 20th

Cut flowers have always been popular in the UK as they are used for a variety of occasions including Mothers Day, Valentines, birthdays and weddings. Nowadays however, people are more likely to buy flowers for themselves just to brighten up their homes or their desks. Indeed, 60% of flowers sold by the industry are for people who are treating themselves. As a result, the flower industry has grown over the last few decades.

The cut flower sector of the industry is the largest and it is expected to increase further despite the credit crunch. Traditionally, around 50% of cut flowers were sourced from Holland, but if the pound is weak against the the Euro it would encourage increased demand for UK sourced flowers as these would be cheaper for the major buyers. The downturn in economic trends has also seen consumers purchase more affordable UK flowers as opposed to the more exotic - and expensive - imported variety.

Many leading flower companies offer British flowers which are increasingly popular at good prices, including the conventional choices such as roses (which sell the most), carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, lilies, freesias and irises. Prices fluctuate between seasons and, at the right time, certain home-grown flowers will be high in quality and lower in price.

If prices remain low for British flowers such as daffodils, which are now regaining popularity, the flower industry should enjoy better future years. This is unusual in the current economic climate but British flowers are currently experiencing a new-found popularity and flower-lovers will find a great range sold by major UK florists such as Clareflorist.

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