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Lily Info

by Barry Marshall on July 6th

Lilies are said to be the most attractive flowering plants and the genus Lilium is related to the Fritillaria and the Notholiron. It represents purity and love with the more popular being the Oriental lily and Tiger Lily with each species of lily having their own unique characteristics.Lilies have a sweet scent and keep their fragrant smell for a long time compared to other flowers.

Half of the lily population comes from Asia whilst the other half comes from Europe. Hundreds of years ago, people believed that lilies were a sign of fertility and a pure life. Feng Shui believers think the flower is a symbol of Summer whilst the Chinese culture have named the flower Forever in Love.

Lilies are from parts of the world that have varied growing conditions for some of the year. They grow best in cold winter months, although there are newly developed species that flourish in dry Summers.
The bulbous habit allows this plant to survive the months and develop another year. The plant has the ability to almost hide underground for part of the year which can mean they are suited for a variety of conditions and environments. They can be found in areas from Siberia to the tropics. Now the lily is grown commercially in the UK. This provides a longer vase life and a wider variety of species as growing conditions can be controlled and manipulated to benefit the flower. Lily farms can be found across the UK and are increasingly becoming more popular to keep up with demand.

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