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Meaning of the White Rose

Meaning of the White Rose

by Barry Marshall on May 24th

Roses are one of the most popular of blooms, and have been enduring symbols of love and devotion for many many centuries - even as far back as Roman times, where the Rose's myth was first associated with the goddess of love - Diana.

Roses are also surrounded by meaning and significance, and each colour - and combination - is said to contain a message from the giver to sender. Some colours and meanings are obvious - for example the classic Red Roses that are ubiquitous for Valentine's Day; however all Rose colours have their own symbolism - which is well worth knowing if you wish to add extra meaning to a bunch of flowers that you're treating a special person to!

White Roses are one of the most classic and beautiful blooms - with varieties ranging from pure tight budded blooms to large loose petalled and fragranced White Roses, with pale Pink or Peach tints. White Roses have several meanings. A bouquet of White Roses symbolises innocence, purity and reverence. Sometimes they are taken to mean youth - or being too young for serious love. White Roses are sometimes paired with Red, which are taken to signify unity.
In Victorian times, the meaning of Roses really became popular and were carefully interpreted. Suitors presented bouquets of Roses to their intendeds and meanings were very much attached and analysed! Such bouquets were known as 'tussie-mussies' and they often signified the start of courtship - for example, a bouquet of White Roses was very popular for the pure and courtly beginning to Victorian romance. Over time the bouquet flowers would change, moving through a variety of colours until eventually the girl became a bride and carried her Roses down the aisle!

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