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Chinese flower has evolved to be less visible to pickers
For thousands of years, the dainty Fritillaria delavayi has grown slowly on the rocky slopes of the Hengduan mountains in China, producing a bright green flower after its fifth year. But the conspicuous small plant has one deadly enemy: people, who harvest the flower for traditional Chinese medicine. As commercial harvesting has intensified, Fritillaria delavayi has vanished – by rapidly evolving to produce grey and brown leaves and flowers that cannot be so easily seen by pickers.

Gardening Time: How to create a stunning Christmas flower display
FLORAL design expert Vicky Wilson has a step-by-step guide to combining foliage and berries from your garden with flowers for a stunning seasonal display.

Such a sensitive flower: do plants really have personalities?
Plants are compulsive communicators, but now one expert thinks they may also have different character traits – with some more nervy than others

I visited London's world-famous flower market, and it's an Instagrammer's dream
If you've ever seen "My Fair Lady," you're likely familiar with London's world-famous New Covent Garden Market, the place Audrey Hepburn's character buys the "flahers" she sells on the street every morning.

Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No, it's a lizard pollinating South Africa's 'hidden flower'
Towards the end of 2017, PhD candidate Ruth Cozien and her husband Dr Timo van der Niet were attending a citizen science workshop high up in South Africa’s Drakensberg mountains when they stumbled across “this weird plant with green flowers hidden beneath its leaves, a really strong scent and enough nectar to drown an insect”, Cozien recalls.

5 Florist-Approved Tips To Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer
We often think of flowers as a go-to gift, so why not give them to ourselves? After all, we could all use a little pick-me-up—especially this week. One 2005 study confirmed that flowers boost the mood and well-being of both men and women of any age, often for days. So once you've got your bouquet picked out, make it last a little longer with these pro tips from florist LaParis Phillips over at Brooklyn Blooms.

Autumn's bright stars: As winter looms, introduce a burst of cheery, colourful chrysanthemums
Should your garden have lost its autumn mojo, brighten it up with chrysanthemums. Late border varieties are in their prime now, so when other plants are dead or dying, these are freshly in flower. They'll last for weeks yet, and are excellent for cutting, too. Don't confuse these with large florists' varieties. Like those, they're colourful, gently aromatic and last for ages.

In solidarity, Poles buy flowers to help struggling vendors
Driven by new solidarity, Poles have been buying armloads of chrysanthemums to help out flower vendors who unexpectedly faced bankruptcy when the government ordered all cemeteries locked due to COVID-19 during a traditional memorial weekend

Sean Connery: Edinburgh fans leave milk carton among flowers under former milkman's plaque
As many across the Capital mourn the passing of the homegrown James Bond icon, two fans paid tribute by offering the former milkman a milkshake in typical 007 fashion.

Tonnes of flowers at Kalyan APMC market thrown away for want of buyers
Tonnes of flowers that arrived at Kalyan’s APMC market for sale this Navratri were found thrown away at the market premises on Monday morning. Flower vendors who usually sell tonnes of flowers during Navratri and Diwali festivals claimed that lack of buyers due to the pandemic has affected their business badly this year.

Why People Choose To Smoke CBD Flowers
The inhalation of substances is known as “pulmonary administration,” allowing direct access to the lungs equating its bioavailability to that of intravenous application. Many people incorporate CBD in the form of oils, topical application, or with edibles.

Amsterdam to use flowers to stop cyclists chaining bikes to bridges
Amsterdam prides itself on being one of the world’s most cyclist-friendly cities. But even the Dutch capital has its limits.

The municipality has complained that the views of some of the most beautiful canals are being blighted while pedestrians are being forced into the street by the accumulation of bikes being tied to bridge railings.

Eight wildflowers to plant this autumn to feed the bees
Responsible for 90% of wild plant pollination, and “one out of every three mouthfuls of our food” (according to WWF) not to mention producing of all that delicious golden honey, bees do so much for humans – but we’ve not been returning the favour recently.

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