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6 Ideas on how to Incorporate Plants into your Kitchen
Incorporating plants into your home is a way of bringing a bit of nature in closed spaces. Beyond the aesthetic element, you must know there are also many benefits in having plants in your house, like the fact that they improve the air quality, they help lower the background noise, they reduce stress and create a positive energy.

The Wonder of Winter Flowers
Each week, Mansion Global tackles a topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week we look at how to choose winter florals for your home.

Shutterstock's design trends: roaring 2020s, mystic occulture and blooming flowers
Shutterstock has released its ninth creative trends report that predicts what style trends will be thriving in 2020. The report reflects patterns in data, which the team used to predict the overarching themes for the year ahead. In homage to the 'modern' world of F. Scott Fitzgerald, twinkling flappers and art deco, the 'Roaring 2020s' was the top creative trend, with 'gold pattern' up 4223% year-on-year. '20s retro' also saw an increase of 189% from the previous year.

World’s largest flower found: a dog-sized, meat-smelling, meter-wide bloom
When it comes to flowers, Rafflessia tuan-mudae is not exactly what you would call pretty. Much like its famous cousin Rafflesia arnoldii, it is a “monster flower”: it has no leaves, stems or even roots. Oh, and it stinks. Really badly.

Ecuadorian Cactus Absorbs Ultrasound, Enticing Bats to Flowers
Many plants reflect ultrasonic waves, thereby attracting the pollinators, but one cactus takes a different approach.

Mum bought blooming cactus from B&Q only to find the flowers were GLUED on
A MUM bought a blooming cactus only to find the flowers were glued on.

Emily Dennys spotted the plants labelled “flowering” in the gardening section of B&Q.

Marcin Rusak's White Perma Collection casts flowers in milky white resin
London designer Marcin Rusak has cut this set of resin works into unusual shapes that are intended as "hybrids of domestic furniture".

White Perma Collection is the latest in a series of works by Polish-born Rusak that encase plants in resin.

For the new set, Rusak has arranged scrap buds, stems, petals and leaves sourced from florists into a milky white bio-resin – a resin that contains plant-based substances – which draws a stark contrast to darkness of his resin furniture pieces.

To dye for: the flower that makes food a beautiful hue of peacock blue
At the start of a new year, or decade, I can never guess how I will feel by the end of it. We might give rough estimations about how we’ll evolve, setting ambitions and goals. But we can never see the future clearly.

Time to go wild with African violets
As someone who could never be accused of being in-step with fashion, I have always found the world of horticultural trends as perplexing as they are fascinating. In some ways they fulfil a valuable function, encouraging growers to experiment with new plants and techniques they hadn’t considered before. But the flip side is that we may overlook options that could otherwise bring us a huge amount of joy.

Flowering Plants Reached Australia 126 Million Years Ago: Study
Australia’s oldest angiosperms (flowering plants) are approximately 126 million years old, and they resembled modern magnolias, buttercups and laurels, according to new research published in the Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology.

That Keeps My Flowers Alive
A wise woman named Snooki once exclaimed, “Vodka, straight up!” when asked how she keeps herself in shape. I’m paraphrasing—her actual words were, “It sucks, but no Long Islands or margaritas when you drink. It has to be straight vodka.” Still, the idea that vodka might be a contributing factor in the art of thriving resonates with me both as a person who won’t turn down a martini and as someone who occasionally buys flowers and wants to keep them alive.

Scotland boasts a wealth of wild flowers
Few countries in the world – and especially ones as small as Scotland – can boast such an amazing diversity of wild flowers, with some 3,500 varieties in total.

No wonder some of the country’s most inventive gardeners have long incorporated wild flowers into their gardens.

For such a small a country, Scotland is a botanist’s paradise. From the exceedingly rare arctic alpines found on Ben Lawers’ high slopes in Highland Perthshire, to the stunted, wind-sculpted orchids unique to the Hebrides, Scotland’s flora is richly diverse.

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