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How flowers adapt to their pollinators
The first flowering plants originated more than 140 million years ago in the early Cretaceous. They are the most diverse plant group on Earth with more than 300,000 species. Evolutionary biologists have now analyzed 3-dimensional models of flowers and found that flower shapes can evolve in a modular manner in adaptation to distinct pollinators.

Finding Calm Photographing Gloomy Minimalist Flowers
Call it a personal project or way of finding the calm again in photographs, lately I've been shooting a portrait style “sad flower” collection and I love it. Check out the how and why and if it tickles your fancy you can give it a try too.

whyixd hangs 140 metal flowers that move to the music on a taiwan building lobby
design firm whyixd placed 140 kinetic flowers in the lobby of a building in taiwan. the dynamic art installation ‘heaven bloom’ hangs on a building constructed by goldenjade development corporation, along with woha, a singapore-based firm. the building itself is inspired by nature and led to the idea of creating an installation that imitates flowers.

A Friendly Neighbourhood Cat In The UK Keeps Bringing Pink Flowers to This Woman’s Garden
Any cat slave would know that if a cat brings you anything, whether it’s a dead cockroach or a lizard, it means the cat sees you as an important hooman and you should definitely appreciate it. But this woman from the United Kingdom is one lucky person because a cat brings her PINK FLOWERS, instead of dead insects or animals. However, she didn’t know it was a cat doing it because she always thought it was the wind that blew the flowers to her doorstep.

7 Ways Flowers Can Improve Your Mental Health and Well-being
Your mental health and wellbeing should be one of your top priorities, whether you are intentionally in pursuit for happiness or not. A lot of people struggle with their mental health, and a great percentage of these people have found themselves battling some of the most detrimental mental illnesses and conditions. You want to keep your sanity intact as well as maintain your mental health. While there are so many ways to achieve the end goal, flowers are one of the best and natural ways which you can improve your general wellbeing and mental health. So, what exactly is the relationship between flowers and your mental health and wellbeing?

How Flowers Trigger the Brain’s Happy Chemicals
Flowers make a person happy. Receiving red and yellow roses may bring a smile to a person's face, but flowers are also shown to stimulate the brain's happy chemicals. Three key chemicals that are produced are: dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh: 10 Hacks to Double How Long Your Buds Last
Flowers are an easy way to brighten up your home, whether it’s because you're holding an open house, hosting company, or just because. However, it's a huge bummer if you've bought or arranged a pretty (and possibly pricey) bouquet, only to see the blooms wilt in their vase a day or two later. But here's a secret: Yes, flowers won't last forever, but you can do a lot to extend their life span and get the most bang and beauty for your buck. Here's how to keep flowers fresh for the long haul, with hacks to try from the moment you place them in a vase and for the days to come.

The best plants to decorate your home with around Christmas
FESTIVE families looking to take a more organic approach to their Christmas decorations this year are being advised to deck their halls with these 12 winter plants. Outdoors experts have revealed the best plants and flowers for decorating homes throughout the festive season – from traditional winter poinsettia to big, blooming azaleas.

41,000 kgs of flowers shipped from Karnataka to make record-breaking carpet in Dubai
The flower carpet in Dubai beat the existing world record set in Italy in 2016.

Belfast-born florist Shane Connolly on how his mother initially hated him entering the profession which would later see him designing the floral displays for a pair of royal marriages
Belfast man Shane Connolly's mother lay dying in Marie Curie Hospice as the most important call of his life came through - a meeting with Prince William's staff to discuss the biggest royal wedding in decades. Due to the terrible snow that winter and to doctors' advice that his mother was too ill for him to leave, the London-based florist had to twice cancel appointments with the Royal household. In what was one of the most bittersweet moments of his life, just two days before his mum passed away in January 2011, Shane secured the contract every florist in the world dreamed of - to design the flowers for Kate and William's wedding.

Kirstie Alley Reveals Why She Treats Herself To Weekly Flowers 40 Years After Quitting Drugs
Alley, 68, captioned two photos of a bouquet of gorgeous fall flowers with an explanation to her fans. “For u who don’t know much about me, I used to be a coke head,” the actress wrote. “I quit drugs in 1979 & vowed to spend the same $ weekly on flowers that I’d spent on drugs. I buy & arrange my own flowers as a gift to MYSELF. I buy them in the grocery store.”

How to use fresh flowers to enhance your decor
If you are a lover of elegant interior design, you definitely know the impact a perfect floral arrangement can have on your home.  It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces and makes your home the envy of your guests. Besides, there is no better way to add that welcoming and warm feeling to a home than decorating it with greenery and flowers.

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